Top Five PSN Games

These are the top 5 PlayStation network games. Everybody on the PSN should download these games, they present a fun filled value and charm that most major releases don’t have.

tokyo jungleTokyo jungle is not like any game you’ve ever played before. Instead of playing of the human soldier or survivor, your instead plays an animal. Whether it’s a Pomeranian or a deer, or even a panda. Your task? Survive for as long as possible, while staying fed, avoiding danger, and meeting to ensure future generations. Tokyo jungle is awesome and every PSN gamer should own it.

There’s something extraordinary about a real-time strategy game that’s well executed engrossing and fun. Especially away from the PC ecosystem that usually cultivates these types of titles. Mushroom wars just so happens to be this type of game. This game has plenty of replay value. Anybody looking for a fun romp on the PlayStation network then this is a game you don’t want to miss.

So here’s the thing about Bloodrayne: Betrayal. It’s all out like a castlevania game. If you’re from the old school in late 2D action side scrollers.

Sideway: New York is an interesting game. Your character is played against the walls and rooftops of buildings and he never leaves them, you are the graffiti. While you’re playing this you’ll enjoy the brain bending physics so make sure you download this PSN title today.

Few tower defense games can hold a candle to Pixeljunk Monsters in this PSN download came out in 2008. Something about planting anti-air turrets and dancing around them to level them up is very bewitching. Tossing out your little tiki man in protecting your little tiki babies, completely caught up in the game’s graphics and you can see why this title from Q games is so beloved.pixeljunk

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So there you have it the top five PSN games that you should played today! These games usually come at a reduced price during holidays and random sales that they might have. Sometimes they even bundle a bunch of these games together and sell them for a lot less than what you would pay for downloading them separately.

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We just got the Playstation 4!

After standing in line for hours we finally got it!  The Playstation 4 is sitting in our cafe being played on a biggest screen that we have.

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